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About Us

At Beyond the Spectrum we are a collection of passionate individuals with the desire to improve all aspects of people’s lives! Our aim is to deliver quality supports to improves the lives of our participants treating them with care, respect, dignity and compassion. We are HSQF standards compliant, deliver excellence, professionalism and promote overall wellbeing.

At Beyond the Spectrum:

    We tailor your supports to suit your needs and requirements
    Assist with self-care & grooming
    Development & training of individual skills
    Assisting to access the community, social interaction & recreational activities
    Educational support, homework assistance, participate in educational opportunities
    1:1 support or group supports
    Assist with recreational activities such as walking, gym, basketball, fishing, shopping, cooking, BBQ as a group, bowling, movies, lunch & community social events & activities
    Encourage to explore new experiences
    Discover your dreams
    Post hospital care/support
    Overnight & 24 Hour Support
    Mentoring / Coaching of young people
    Arrange meet & greet to make new friends
    Assist with budgeting
    Attending appointments such as doctors, banking, physio, therapy
    Transport support to access the community events, appointments and activities
    Care for adults and children with specialist and complex needs, including physical, learning and cognitive disabilities
    Behaviour management strategies’
    ongoing support for family carers.

Beyond the Spectrum is NDIS Accredited to Provide the Following Services:

Assist Personal Activities

    Assist-Life Stage, Transition
    Assistive Prod-Household task
    Behaviour Support
    Group Centre/Activities
    Household Tasks
    Participate Community
    Support Coordination
    Therapeutic Supports
    Early Childhood support
    Development - Life Skills
    Exercise Physiology/Personal Training

Our Vision and Values

    We care for, respect and protect our participants
    We speak up for our participants and our sector and show courage on their behalf
    We listen and respond to our participants
    We are positive and strive for the best outcomes for our participants
    We continue to learn and evolve and strive to continuously improve our services
    We are accountable and take ownership of what we do and how we do it
    We build trust by demonstrating our values

In home supports help enable people with physical disabilities to live independent and active lives.

Our specialist care includes a full range of daily living tasks whether it be personal care, housework, laundry, shopping, or managing finances and administrative tasks. In addition, we support our physically disabled participants to lead active social lives, supporting them outside as well as inside the home. We believe having specialist care needs should not prevent you from having a positive, eventful and happy lifestyle. We plan to accommodate not just the assessed physical needs of the participant, but also their social preferences and aspirations. This individual, outcome-focused approach gives our participants more choice and control over their lifestyle. We want to provide you with the most compatible staff for your desired lifestyle, so we take the time to learn about your needs, interests and preferences and match workers with you accordingly. Beyond the Spectrum supports adults with physical disabilities, and we also provide support to many children and young people. With highly trained and accredited staff, we are able to help children and young adults to get the best possible start in life and to plan to offer them the most fun-filled and active experiences possible.

Social and Community Participation - Assisting to make dreams become a reality...

We understand the need to be included in community events and activities, being introduced to like-minded friends and to continue to enjoy life to our full potential. We actively promote and encourage our supports to take part in what brings joy and satisfaction to your life, with help from us where and when required to make it happen. Individual & group-based activities Beyond the Spectrum’s individual support services offer a range of active support options on an individual basis so you can try and learn new things, make new friends and get involved in your community. As per your goals, individual support might be provided at home or in the community.

The aim is to assist you to:

    Be independent
    Be part of the community
    Be assisted to attend appointments
    Be assisted to spend time with friends
    Assistance with Daily activity programs of your choices
    Assistance to access the community i.e outings to local parks, art galleries and museums
    To attend swimming on the recreational basis or to learn how to swim

Group-based social outings

    Participating in the bowling league
    Attending recreational events such as fairs, dance classes, karaoke, golf etc
    Attending BBQ with our other participants

Specialist/Support Coordination - Together we get your NDIS plan work for you

At Beyond the Spectrum. we all appreciate the unique pathway each individual has travelled to achieve their NDIS Plan. The key to our services is NDIS support coordination. At Beyond the Spectrum, we don't only assist you to discover and access services that will allow you to fulfil your individual needs, but we go that extra mile to think outside the square and get you closer to achieve that ultimate end goal. We have connected people to their dream jobs, helped them get their very first apartment, and we help them to achieve their maximum potential. At Beyond the Spectrum, we find it really rewarding to work with individuals to break down the obstacles that stop them from living the life they want to live and we make sure that they are getting the best possible use out of their NDIS funding. We are encouraged to think outside the square in order to be able to help link our consumers with the services that will help them to realise their full potential. Our approach is focused on each individual aiming for the most flexible way, finding a way that suits them most. Some people choose to have meetings in their homes, others prefer to meet at cafes or anywhere the feel comfortable with. We work to connect people to their dream job, their first apartment, make new friends, link people to their preferred Allied Health Services etc - we work with people to realise their potential and maximise the value to their NDIS plans.

Disability Support Workers

Beyond the Spectrum is an organisation that has family values as a service delivery model. At Beyond the Spectrum, we work in partnership with participants, carers and families at large. Our mission is to promote Independence, Hope & Laughter. We deliver support by helping people identify their potential, support higher aspirations, engage with the community and promote overall wellbeing in one’s life. We aim to bring motivation, encouragement and inclusion where by participants are able to embrace choice and control. We encourage our participants to try to overcome the limitations of any condition and lead as full a life as possible. At Beyond the Spectrum, we are about aiming to achieve participant goals with support around you. It is all about the ability not the disability; making one realise their potential.

Call us today: (07) 4194 1917
Beyond The Spectrum cares about our clients and believe everyone is entitled to a happy, healthy lifestyle.
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